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董事長致辭 公司簡介 企業文化 企業榮譽





Hebei Yuqi New Energy Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. it is a large private enterprise with its headquarters in Beijing. It is a diversified and comprehensive industrial company with high-tech new energy industry as its main body, covering education, real estate, agriculture and animal husbandry, research and development of traditional Chinese medicine and other industries. The company is taking the lead in implementing the project of combining medical care with nursing ,which has been settled as its new goal.

The company has a strong capital strength and a high-quality operation team, with 1,600 employees, including 2 Chinese medicine experts who  enjoys State Council allowance, 2 national science and technology consulting and evaluation experts, 5 people with Doctor's degrees, 20 people with Master's degrees, 300 undergraduate and more than 260 people with middle and senior professional titles.

The company takes “sincerity,pragmatism, speciality,  and innovation" as its enterprise spirit, adhering to the core values of " honesty and trustworthiness, high efficiency and excellence, customer supremacy and gratitude and return", and the business philosophy of " building world-class enterprises with innovation". The company comprehensively implements the service purpose of " taking zero defects as the ultimate goal and taking high quality as the starting point requirement". It takes improving people's life quality as its noble mission, and takes products and services with excellence as its best value for the industrial chain, so as to achieve win-win results on a deeper and wider level. We will open up a wider development space with vigorous vitality, sustainable development and great achievements again!

Hebei Yuqi New Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd. will join hands with you to create a legend!

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